Quite honestly, our consulting practice grew out of a need to sell software. We were software developers who understood business, and understood the impact that software could have, but before we could sell the tool we needed to sell the method. So we became very good at teaching businesses the value of repeatable business systems in every aspect of their operation. As our thinking matured, we realized that in many cases the method is enough (without any software) or that there is an off-the-shelf tool that will do the job at a fraction of the custom software price tag. So we adapted our business to suit the environment. We still develop custom software, but we also use a lot of off-the-shelf software, and we often conduct engagements that don't involve any software initiatives at all.

Here are some examples of the work that we do:

  • Re-orient marketing organizations toward more cost-effective and measurable mediums (e.g. online ads vs. print and radio).
  • Optimize marketing channels to improve lead quality.
  • Implement and improve Customer Relationship Management within sales organizations.
  • Develop lead nurturing programs for sales teams.
  • Conduct Net Promoter Score surveys on behalf of our partners.
  • Introduce lower-cost, higher-value customer service and support systems.
  • Organize recruitment initiatives.

We would be honoured to work alongside your company.

Please contact us for more information, or get a free lunch with David Noël-Romas (our President).